camo scarf

i have finally finished my camo scarf. in the
comedy of kellys life, today it is 70 degrees
in the ville. such is life. i have come upon
so old vintage earrings. i am going to cut the
clip off and attach a pin back. i will crochet
a large flower and then attach it to the
crystal pin....sweet!

i still have 3 more scarves to finish. maybe this
next year, i can try to move on to some new


ScrapHappy said...

This is adorable!
I am on a scarf- and washcloth-knitting spree... I'm all about short projects! Plus they make great gifties...

Kristine said...

I am smiling while looking at this because I am in the middle of knitting a bulky crimson red scarf and my husband keeps chiding me about the 100 degree summer which will soon be upon us! Oh well... it's an outlet. Cold weather will surely come again.

la vie en rose said...

doesn't it always seem to work out that way. well, winter will be here before you know it and you'll have this super cute scarf already for wear.

Bogart said...

Hi Kelly,

Bogart Handsome Devil here.. so glad you found my blog! Congratulations on your choice of the finest breed on the planet... We are a stubborn bunch, very headstrong yet playful, and we all seem to have a fondness for shoes - your shoes that is - especially ones that you particularly like, so I'd suggest hiding those first. Take a firm hand with your pup from the get-go and you will have a companion that you can teach and that will teach you a thing or two sooooo easily. Yes, we're THAT smart. Feel free to drop by anytime (or on my other blog, - I have a message board there too) and don't forget to share pictures when your new little Airedale terriorist arrives!!!

Bogart Handsome Devil