{a very messy desk}

i am always bewildered by all the contradictions

that we see daily. today while pulling out of the
cvs parking lot. i watched a young mother
riding a bike with a child cart in tow....she was
smoking a cigarette as she steered her toddler
down the street. as i smirked to myself, i realized
that i am not immune to these contradictions. i went
to cvs to pickup some bottled water after my
workout. i also picked up a natural health book...
okay so what is so contradictary about that?
i also spotted 1/2 price peeps and marshmallow
eggs. you know the ones, hard shell, brite happy
colors. I BOUGHT THEM! i had just worked out.

since my new career move of working from home, i
often spout about how more organized i am. the
image above is of my desk this very moment. hmmm....
seems i need to work on those organizational skills.

i am also often annoyed when i see a family or couple
out for a walk and someone in the group is chatting
on their cell phone. or a mom talks about how all the
time in the car going from activity to activity allows
for quality family time and everytime you see her, she
is on her cell phone.

just thinking outloud -

...happy tuesday!


firstborn studio said...

we think alot alike,kelly!

la vie en rose said...

oh the paradoxes...

MadFlyTom said...

Holy crap! Is that a keyboard in there somewhere?



Heather said...

That reminds me of the time I was visiting a friend in the hospital, outside the Er a hugely pregnant tenn looking girl was smoking a cigarett, I almost couldn't believe what I was seeing. Hey it's an organized mess right? those don't really count as messes.

mati rose said...

kelly, thanks for your amazing post!!! you made my day. your desk looks familiar:)

Kim Carney said...

I have an ENTIRE ROOM that looks like that, I walk in with resolve to fix it, spend a couple of minutes and walk out