good on friday

{original artwork - clancy and denisha}

no school today...this always seems to create caos
in the household. kids spending the nite. late
bedtimes. we had friends crash at our house last
nite and i ended up going to bed at 2am. so we
have a tired kelly.

tired + kelly = bitchy kelly.

bryce took the kids to meet their aunt this morning.
they will be with the dad for the weekend. after they
left i went into my studio to get a few things done and
like always - the playstation was not put away and clancy
left all my art supplies out. brushes were drying up, paint
everywhere. my new flower stamps full of paint. ughhhh...
can't it be simplier than this? so i called them on the cell
phone to discuss there antics. gabe of course, apologized
the second he got on the phone [he is like eddie haskle],
clancy on the other hand, was her usual defensive self.
not wanting to take on her respondsibility. so next time -
no studio time. maybe i should make my kids pay for
studio time. put down a deposit for use of my studio
and supplies.

the weather is beautiful again today in middle indiana.
sun is shining, walkers passing by. this weather makes
me happy. it is amazing how much i have gotten done
since the weather has warmed up. i am a sucky
winter person.

on this good friday, i am happy about....

-matt's visit today
easter this sunday
-my kick ass week
shoeless feet
-clancy's creation above
hearing gabe's bass from outside
-sitting on the porch swing and my kids coming out to join me
cheri' coming home
-and bryce stepping up and being the kids chauffer

many blessings to all this easter weekend...amen

happy friday!


Swirly said...

The first part of your entry made me giggle out loud. Tired Swirly also = Bitchy Swirly. hee hee.

Have a wonderful weekend!!

la vie en rose said...

easter blessings to you too!

Shari said...

I also work from home and the exact same thing goes on here. My daughter is 3 and I was hoping that the messy studio, supplies left out, dried up brushes would end as she gets older. I have used the phrase "okay, that means no studio time" also, but it is impossible because when your child is begging to be let in, to create something, promising she won't leave a mess this time....well, who can say no to that? Thank you so much for your post. There is comfort in knowing I'm not the only one. Somehow, I have it cooked up in my head that other artists are strolling dreamily into their well kept, organized studios and peacefully creating all day....I on the other hand spend a ridiculous amount of time frustrated because I can't find the "thing" I need and I only have 1/2 hour left to paint!

Kim Carney said...

That is funny and so true. Don't you love it when your house is full of kids, making messes and running ;0 I try and stay sane and nice. And the "driving them all around" -- arrrgghhh.