the weigh in

after reading so many blogs talking about
spring renewal, personal worth, weight gain -
it has made me want to start fresh....yet again.

i guess that is life in a nut shell...picking up the
chard pieces of our daily lives and re-working
it when it is necessary.

if only i would take the time each day to do
what is necessary, to take steps so that i am
not continually fixing the leaks and holes

that i have created just by simply not paying

this past fall i did weight watchers and lost around

12 lbs. and it felt great. and as my 12th week came
i just decided that i needed that thursday evening to
make sure i was with my kids. there was also a
chick there who weighs you in, and everytime i
went up to be weighed, she would make a comment
about how she didn't know why i was there. it
really discouraged me. i was the smallest person
there. but when your next size up jeans need to
be greased before you put them on - then you feel
like you are big, no matter how much you weigh.

so 2 months ago i bought the new windsor pilates

with the resistant circle. okay that was all good,
it only took me 2 months of looking at it sitting in
front of the tv to decide - the hole needed to
be plugged!

so...i officially started monday. yes we must always
begin on the monday. tonight i went to the school
to do my cardio, so i weighed in. for the love of
god....why does every scale in the world weigh me
in at 10lbs more then my scale. looking at my
weight watchers booklet...i have gained back 8 of
the 12 i took off in the fall. thank you lord it wasn't
all 12, then i might have had to shoot myself [only joking].
my bathroom scales will be adjusted accordingly.

i have realized that i have gained almost 27lbs since
bryce and i got married 6 years ago. bryce on the
other hand has stayed skinny. but he doesn't eat
cheese fries and peanut m&m's either.

i have been enjoying the pilates. i love the stretching.
so i am taking my measurements and documenting them
tonight and in thirty days, i will check them again.
bye bye cheese fries!

on a creative note...i went to a new art coop opening
and even though most of the art was not to my taste...
seeing the artists and talking with them filled me with
such energy. i love going from studio to studio and listening
to each one, eyes wide open with such a love, such
creative force.

this place is a big daisy in a field of weeds. it sits
in the middle of a very itty bitty town and because
of the dedication of a few creative residents - a dream
has become.

happy to be.....

married to a blessed man who loves me even though
i am guirky and roly poly

in the middle of a big creative mess

the mommy to 3 beautiful, funny, warped, head strong cherubs

on the best street in town

asked to help out


so blessed...even though sometimes it slips my mind


la vie en rose said...

you must also remember that he hasn't had to carry in babies in his body either. i blame all my weight gain on britton. i wonder how long i can use that excuse? the kid's 3 now...

gkgirl said...

i agree with michelle,
i also continue to blame my
lack of a bathing suit body
on my son...
who is going to be seven in oct...

and i loved how you described
the kids,
especially the
"warped" part

LadyStahl said...

I haven't had a child yet, but those peanut M&M's are really a killer, you can ask Tom about that one...I am truly addicted!

mati rose said...

you have a rich life, i'm glad you appreciate it:) i love how you talk about the weigh in. scales! they always lie.

Kim said...

Hi :o) Good luck with your weight loss. I'm right there with you. I gained back 11 pounds of the 35 I took off last year and started back about a week and a half ago to lose it *again*. I can't wait to read of your progress!


Knit and Purl Grrl said...

I hear you, sister!
Being proactive is tough when there are so manythings calling for our attention. Good for you for recognizing that and taking steps...

I must have the same scale you do.

I have had the Windsor Pilates tape sitting here for at least a year, so I beat you on that one. :) Haven't even plugged it in. Too many excuses.

On the food front, mine is Peanut M'n'Ms and tortilla chips and salsa...


Cheri said...

Go eat some damn cheesecake!

Smed said...

I agree with Cheri, but if you don't want the cheesecake, then I'll take it. I really need to lose weight too. Sigh. Liz has done a great job with WW, though.

Colorsonmymind said...

I too blame my middle to the babe.

I am interested in how the pilates works for you.

Can't wait to hear.