today while visiting my friends smed's
journal on diaryland...i was taken back by
his honest entry. he spilled, gushed and laid
it all out about his respect for his wife, liz.
{scott is in bottom row with the glasses}. i
adore liz and his honest, pretty love letter brought
me to tears.
not only because i know these two
personally, but
it is how i feel about my "b". he
is my light, rock
and the big oak of this family.
there are times that
i am so mad at him, i want
to scream and all he has
to do is give me one
look and i have to hide my
face so he won't see
me smile.

pictured above are also a few others who are our
lifelines. the guy in the sombrero...that is jeff. we
celebrated his 50th last friday nite at our local
and very tasty - mexican restaurant. the margaritas
are damn good too! i have known jeff for 20 years.
he sends all of us birthday cards every year. EVERY
YEAR! not just me and bryce, but all three of our
kids. and not just our family...EVERY ONE in our
family of friends....AMAZING! and then there is
pete and becky....whitey and leslie [they're my
in-laws.] he's the one with the $$$ and she is
wearing the glasses. of course i can't leave out
tom and heather. she's my partner in crime
and can sing a mean copacabana. there is
brent, greggie, amy, tank, steve and marty

these are our lifelines....some days i wish we had
friends who had friends with older kids, or more
friends from church and i wish i felt more trusting
towards people associated with bryce's job. but
at the end of the day when i lay my head next to
bryce...i am thankful for these lifelines. they have
blessed me with friendship, laughter...lot's of laughter,
theme party's, shoulder's to cry on. they are
my pep session in life.


happy tuesday...


Smed said...

Aw, thanks. Hugs to you and everybody!

la vie en rose said...

what a wonderful tribut. what would we do without our lifelines? they are the beauty of life.