bless my soul *[ art show ]

ahead 10x10 and love wide 24x24 - mixed media paintings

these two pieces have been selected for the
downtown fall art exhibit. needless to say, after some
disappointing news last week, this has lifted my spirits.

i will say, when i saw the envelope in the post, i didn't
even want to open it. this is a juried show and these
two pieces will sit somewhere in a downtown storefront

i am a happy chick!

downtown crawfordsville fall art exhibit
september 28 - october 7, 2007

i would say please come and be part of it, but those of
you i talk to are no where close, but i love that i can
share this bit of good news with you.

....and thank you to each of you gentle souls who have
encouraged me, supported me and held my hand along
the way.

peace, ya'll!


~Bek~ said...

Yah for you!
These paintings are just so delish!
Eye candy.
I love them.
Have a ball at the exhibition.
So great to find you.

kelly rae said...

kelly, how much for the love wide original? is it reservable before it sells in the window front?


Enid said...

That is some fantastic news. I'm so happy for you.

liz elayne said...


love reading this! congratulations dear girl!

Anonymous said...

No wonder they were chosen. They are beautiful pieces!

melanie said...

congrats, Kelly. you so deserve this recognition and opportunity!!

Swirly said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! This is so exciting and I am not at all surprised they selected your gorgeous work. xoxo

Marisa and Creative Thursday said...

And yet another Congratulations to you!!! I love these pieces and I must say after catching up on your bloggie this morning, I'm very impressed with your 17 days ....very intrigued by the yeast free eating...hmm, I'm looking for more energy over here. Although now that the heat is subsiding, I'm sure that will help.
I also have to say that the surfing has gotten me up at 4:30 several times and I love it ~ now if only I was a morning person :)

Kim Carney said...

that is so totally fabulous. TAKE PICS we want to see the show

LINDSAY said...

These pieces are really awesome! I especially like the blue one! Good luck with the exhibit!