my daily grind

the past 12 days i have been on a yeast detox.
in the past 12 days i haven't put any refined
sugar, flour or dairy into my body. no diet sodies,
peanut butter m&m's, not even a bag of popcorn
touched my lips at the opening of friday night

days 2-5 were filled with exhaustion and a
headache that felt like someone had split my
head in two, with an ax. i took a nap each of
those days at 4pm sharp. by day 5 and 6, my
head felt clear and my body felt light. not at all
like my daily dose of heaviness and foggy brain.

today is day 12. Day 17-i will finish this journey.
i have lost approx. 6lbs in 12 days and i work
hard not to focus on the weight lost, but how
good my body feels. i have also been walking
in the mornings. have i told you how i hate to
get up at 4:40am to walk by 5am?!


considering that i am surrounded by friends who
have no willpower where food is concerned. we
have all taken on the complacent attitude of
if you want it, eat it, this wasn't an easy process
to start. but i simply decided to treat myself to
a bit of good health. so i just don't go out to dinner
with anyone. instead i stay home and eat fresh
foods - it does make a difference!

of course, as with any detox or diet, the trick
lies in the days following - i remind myself each

here is what my days were filled with, little mexico,
bags and bags of peanut butter m&m's, diet pop,
sugary cereal, beer, margaritas on the weekends,
large portions. it is no wonder i have put on 30lbs
since bryce and i got married. and no wonder that
when i get out of bed each morning i felt terrible -
body aches, my feet ache, heart palpatations,
short of breath.

since i have started this, the inflated tube, i call
my belly has greatly diminished, i sleep better, go
to bed earlier and feel alert through out the day.
and i am not having sugar crashes.

can i get an amen?!

it amazes me that we all complain about our
bodies, how we ache, that our stomachs are
upset and the answer is so simple - we are a
society of induldgence and convenience. growing
up - my parents had a huge garden. my mom
canned all summer so that we had healthy foos
all winter - on our table. we may have eaten
out once a month. today - we are zipping through
drive-thrus to nourish our children. we just can't
understand why our kids behavior is so erractic,
yet we continue to shove tv dinners and mcdonalds
down their throats, because mommy and daddy
have other things to do, that are more important.

me - i am guilty!

instead of running to the doctor and sit there
while they write out another prescription or even
worse - put our child on an anti-depressant or
ridalin. why don't we slow our lives down and do
something simple as we are intended
to live.

when my family slows down, eats together - we
get along better, we are more productive and

just some thoughts.....happy friday ya'll


Amanda said...

girlie. this is the truest post i have read in a long time. i really believe if we slow down, take care of our bodies, eat fresh and healthy...we feel so much better. thank you for this reminder.

kellyloveswhales said...

Amen! That's an amen, sister from afar whom I have never met. Your post speaks volumes of all the loving good we can do when we just honor ourselves enough to take good care. I'm really happy for you.
kelly c.

Tiffany said...

Oh sweet woman, you have verbalized the thoughts in my if I can just get myself to follow through!


alex said...

amazing. I would love to know more about what youd did. Way to go!

Georgia said...

Good for you! I tried the Master Cleanse a few months back... I failed horribly after a 5 days... but I am working towards doing it again. I love hearing about people who succesfullly complete their cleanses... it is inspiring to me:)


melanie said...

Yes, yes, YES. You are so right on with this post. My body has been begging for me to treat it better, as lately I have been abusing the hell out of it. I am a horrible emotional eater. I am in dire need of a good detox. I did it before and felt amazing. Just need to nudge myself into that first day to make it happen.

Good for you. You're an inspiration!