good morning' america - how are ya!

my sun august 13 backyard

school is back in session!

miz c is wearing a shiney pair of silver flats, that have
have yet to be broken in. I warned her - i would not
be bringing more comfortable shoes through the school
doors. i repeat....I would not bring the shoes! i will
lay down a $20, i will get a phone call from the school.

silly kids, you are so predictable.

the house is eeriely quiet. no bickering, no shut-ups being
exchanged - ah bliss. my domain has been given back
to me - peace at last. as of last nite, i was screaming
"serenity now!" [in my head of course]

just 11 short years ago, i was standing in the
with a little squirt and his back pack, his
younger sister swirling around us on the tricycle - as
we waited for the big yellow bus to pull up and swing
that heavy door open. doogan, their favorite of bus
driving, smiling from ear to ear. we occassionally run
in to him at a store, the kids always so happy to see
him again.

today that squirt begins his sophomore year. the
swirling chickadee on the tricycle - she is now
roaming the 8th grade halls.

{ the purpose of education is to replace
an empty mind with an open one. }
~malcolm forbes

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