bless my soul *[brunette]

blonde to brunette

one christmas, my sister erin
and i each got a brand new
sleeping bag and a doll. not
just any doll, but the velvet
and chrissy dolls. you could
make there hair grow, by
cranking a knob in there

our sleeping bags were the
most groovy bags ever! red
with mod flowers all over it
and each flower was wrapped
with these phrases....

[ redheads are for real ]

[ blondes have more fun ]

[ brunettes are groovy ]

wednesday i decided that i had
had plenty of fun and now i just
wanted to be groovy.

groovy + brunette = groovy kelly

i jump everytime i catch a glimpse
of myself in the mirror!


Enid said...

I concur that brunettes are oh so groovy and fantastic to boot. I've got new digs so I hope you will drop by.

Colorsonmymind said...

You look super groovy girl:0
Sexy too

Marisa and Creative Thursday said...

It's all about the hair :)

melanie said...

brunettes are groovy... i like that! you look fab, btw. uber groovy!

Mark said...

Great hair!!

Just know, underneath...still blonde.


Kim Carney said...

you look adorable in every photo you take! ;)

jen gray said...

i just went brunette too ! :)