love wide [revisited]

remember katrina....

we sat and watched, horrified and saddened by what
we viewed from our living rooms. please remember the
victims of katrina. for those who died, those who sufferered
and those who are still, STILL waiting for help they were

my blessings are here:

3 gorgeous, healthy, funny kids
1 understanding, patient husband
1 silly pooch

the sturdy roof, that houses us safely
walls full of color, a studio that allows me
to retreat
and keep my sanity

my extended family of friends, who make me belly laugh

listening to marley, ben harper and the be good tanya's
discovering donovan frankenreiter

and making it through 17 days of no refrined sugar, dairy
or wheatt. try it! you will feel better!

peace ya'll


Anonymous said...

Ohhh this piece is totally and completely wonderful! I love it!

liz elayne said...

wow. i am very impressed by this. 17 days.
i would like to try it for a week to see what happens...if i could really do it.
(thanks for the inspiration)