monday, monday

delilah and the squirrel - august 2007

this morning my mood is a bit - i will label it -
antsyness. sure i doubt is a word, but that is
how i am feeling - so run with it.
here are where my blessing lie.....

an extremely supportive husband
3 healthy kids
spilling onto the canvas
my eclectic circle of friends
my 4:40am wake up to walk
creative drive
and the last 4 weeks of learning

oh....and miz delilahblue who flashes those
big baby browns and makes me feel all better

.....happy monday!


Swirly said...

Channel that antsyness into some artwork, girlie girl. xoxo

DesigningFairy said...

Love Delilah. I relate to the antsiness. Maybe its just our creative juices stirring up and getting ready to expand!