goodness....i am tired, worn out.

it was a HUGE week last week. so many
exciting things. the printer sent me a lovely
care package with several final pieces that
i designed. YIPPEE! they were a success.
i love taking an old design and transforming
it - fresh and new.

i have a feeling that this week won't be any
mellower. but as i do everyday, one foot in
front of the other.

i put myself out there last week, we will see
if anything comes of that. i also packaged
up a disk with 3 of my paintings to be juried
for the fall art show. finally after 2 years of
saying, this year i am going to submit, i did it.
and....we will see if anything comes of that!

happy monday!



Marilyn said...

Good for you for submitting! Keeping my fingers crossed for you. Nice interview over at Liz's. :)

Anonymous said...

Taking one step at a time is a great idea. Good luck!