moving on.....

well bless my soul -

3 heathly kids
art show friday nite a
more paintings on the horizon a
friends who care and help a

one last thing - how do you move on

from anger or hurt. obviously this isn't
my strong suit. how do you honestly
let it go? you are more than welcome
to leave a comment or email me!

blessings ya'll


kelly rae said...

you are so heartfelt, kelly.

for me, i let go by practicing. i pretend at first, i envision what it feels like to let go, then i practice it by pretending. and then one day leads to another and you are no longer's working now, and you are sincerely, genuinely letting go.

for me, this works for all sorts of things. including being grateful, happy, glad, spiritua, communcative. sometimes it just takes practice.

The Dream said...

Hi, my friend-
Moving beyond hurt and anger ... it's a total prayer thing for me. It is truly all I have found that works for me. There are times when I am clearly not ready to forgive someone, so I just say their name and ask my HP to help me to forgive. Sometimes it takes a llllong time. I have discovered that forgiveness is not only for them ... but it's for me. ... freeing.

Swirly said...

I try - as much as I can, and some days this is easier than others - to practice compassion and not take things personally. As deeply hurt as I was by someone this year myself, I still know, deep down, this peron's actions weren't about me. And beyond my anger, what I actually feel more than anything for this person is pity.

Sheri said...

you pray... that's all you can do... and remember that somthing better will happen soon... its not always gonna hurt... there is a good day waiting to happen... for every good thing there is a bad, for every bad thing there is a good....