sacred *[ mother mary ]

my sacred life - mary

i pass this holy candle everyday and i gain strength from
mary. the best part is - i bought this while krogering.
somedays i allow myself to get into such a funk, worrying
about the silliest things

why don't i have more clients
what if i never make anymore money
how can we survive on one income
when will i have something big fall into my lap
who is reading my blog

silly - silly - silliness.

recently the national news began chirping about the
finding of mother teresa's private journals - shocking
that she too suffered from self doubt. why wouldn't
she. she is human, after all.

i gain my strength daily from many women i adore...

woman who rise to the ocassion, women who
have graciously embraced me and all of my questions
and curiosities. woman who i have learned what
womanhood really is and my girls who are growing,
and are beautiful in every sense and woman who
believe in me, my friendship and my abilities.

my days are filled with constant reminders of
what truly matters. now if i can just embrace
that each day and get rid of those silly self doubting
voices. sacred life

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The Dream said...

i LOVED reading your post today. hope you will stop on by and read what i have written about mary.

Sheri said...

thats the hard part right? getting rid of the doubting voices... but don't you think it's a part of what drives us on? makes us go... yeah we can do this , go there, be that.... i'm enjoying so much reading your sacred life posts.... thank you

Marilyn said...

I have that candle! She's sitting atop a bookshelf in our kitchen. The thing is, I walk by it all the time...and rarely light it. But when I do, I stop to pause and reflect and... Well, you get the idea. That candle is symbolic for a lot I don't give to myself. ( for thought...) ;)

Jane said...

yes, I know what you mean about those self doubting voices. Somedays go rolling along so well and then a day comes by where I find myself worrying about everything. I always have to remind myself to work through it all and know that I'm only human.

Angela said...

I don't know anyone who doesn't have those voices - sometimes they're just worse than others, that's all. Obviously, though, people are reading your blog! That's good.

Hamguin said...

Gosh, if there were a magic answer for quieting the doubting voice, where would the challenge be? For me, it is as simple as taking one more step. Then, one more. When I get tired, I stop and rest. Then, one more step.

The value in the doubting voice is that it can prompt one to drop back into RIGHT NOW and stop trying to play where we don't belong, in next week or next month or next year.

Welcome to My Sacred Life, Kelly.

The Dream said...

Thanks for the comments, Kelly - it seems that we are MUCH alike. GREAT to meet you on this sacred journey!

Lina said...

i have those doubting voices all the time, i think we all do, dont let those voices take over... Reminds me of a song called The Voice of Truth by Casting Crowns...about not listening to the doubt and knowing how worth it we really are.

Kirsten Michelle said...

i've linked over from thea's blog...
i wanted to say thank you for this post...i've been asking myself many of these same questions of late.
your etsy is just beautiful!!
looking forward to coming back when i've got a little more time to visit ;-)

liz said...

oh honey--you sound JUST like me!! guess we all have the doubts--but remember--you are GREAT!!..and you have a WONDERFUL 16 year old to prove it!!
liz xx

Kim Carney said...

That is so funny, I was looking up YOUR number to call you and talk about all my doubts about my career! wondering if it is too late there.

Self-doubt. Seems to be an epidemic lately ;)
hope to talk to you this weekend.


Colorsonmymind said...

I am right there with you sista

love reading about you and Mt:)

Loved talking with you. You have such a rich sexy voice:)

Thanks for the offer to help-i got my hubby to help a bit this weekend.

Love to you