my sacred life *[ lazy ]

i am a lazy girl....
i waste time.....

i sabotage myself....
i surf too much.....

i love to nap.....
i compare myself to others....
i hold grudges....
i sing off-key....

...i love to laugh
...i love to help others
...i am a hugger
...i can paint
...i am a master doodler
...i am a mother
...i can drive a stick
...i make others smile

i am lazy, i worked really hard
today to make this a great day. lots
of to-do's were scratched off my vast
list, i started a new painting. i shipped

an order today, designed logos, talked
to friends, prayed and hugged my kids.

[realize how good you really are.]
~og mandino


liz said...

you're not lazy--you're incredible!!!
lovely post!
liz xx

Jane said...

Great post! It makes me remember for all of the things about myself that I view as "negative", there is a whole list of good things about me as well. Happy Tuesday!

The Dream said...

Kelly - you ROCK, my new friend!
Truth be known, I'm right there with you on pretty much ALL.