sacred *[ sixteen ]


then out of the water!
sing loud while you dry!
sing loud, "i am lucky!"sing loud,
"i am i!"

if you'd never been born, then you might be an isn't!
an isn't has nofun at all. no he disn't.
he never has birthdays, andthat isn't pleasant.
you have to be born,or you don't get a present.
a present! a-ha!now what kind shall i give....?
why, the kind you remember as long as you live......

[from dr. seuss, happy birthday to you]

happy birthday you big goofball! you add more to
your mom's life - than you will ever know. i love
your sense of humor, your goofiness, i love watching
you swim breast stroke and playing the guitar. you
make me laugh and i love that you still come home
from school, smile and give me a big fat hug.

you are my blessing, you are part of my sacred life.

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magpie said...

great sampling from dr. seuss...I also loved this photo. A few months back, I spent an afternoon taking countless photos of my nephew on his board. What fun!

Cre8Tiva said...

you might be an isn' sad...happy day to son and mom both...blessings, rebecca

Jane said...

wonderful words from Dr. Seuss and a very happy birthday to your son!