a bit of sparkle

the rock star christine of sparkletopia, interviewed little
old me. if you haven't visited this inspiring site,
hop on over to get sprinkled with a daily dose of


Cami said...

Desperate for a little inspiration this morning and then I found YOU--mission accomplished! Now I must return to my art and get off the computer, but first I wanted to say: THANK YOU! It's cool to know I have an indigo soul too.

PS Loooovvvvvvvvve your work!

Katrina said...

super interview. nice to know more about your thoughts and thinkings around your work. and that top piece is GORGEOUS, oh my. yea, i'd say i have an indigo soul too so if you're starting a club then sign me up! congrats on the interview, truly. wonderful work.

The Dream said...

Loved reading this interview! You are so real and charming! By the way, I DEFINITELY "get it." Your work ROCKS and always makes me smile!

Colorsonmymind said...

wonderful interview. I loved the part where you said others success sometimes makes you question what you are doing wrong.

I do that too.

I have wanted to do mixed media and illustration for so long but am so intimidated. You have inspired me to start a art journal just for me to play in. Not to show anyone but just to play.

You are a huge inspiration girl and I cannot wait to get my new piece from you.


Kelly C. said...

congrats on the lovely interview at Sparkletopia!! you are such a rockstar!

Michelle (a.k.a. la vie en rose) said...

yeah you!