enormous tiny artshow iii

hot damn!!!! i am so excited about this. here is the
enormous tiny art show
iii postcard. just read those
names...i am drooling! and too see that i am sitting
next to
rachel austin, and to get to be part of a show
that includes these chickies; c
hristine, m
arisa, mati and
enelope. I am one lucky girl. one lucky girl who is
way behind.....hmmmm wonder if i am the only one????
one lucky girl who is so happy that i was invited
and one lucky girl who is counting her blessings and
having fun with all of this. you can look at the artists
and the work here.



Katrina said...

congrats, congrats. and thanks for the links, the work all looks super! and all on postcards, how divine.

Kelly C. said...

congratulations! how totally awesome-wonderful!!

Jane said...

This is awesome news!!

Colorsonmymind said...

Hot Damn girl!

I am so excited for you. Submitting you as a tip to 2 shopping blogs has been on my to do list. I love love love your stuff. You are going to be so famous:)

Love to you