december 30, 2007 - babs, pinto and mandy pepperidge

celebrating a friends 50th birthday.
[friend who is 50 - not in the picture]

some days i moan and groan about living here in middle indiana.
see how bundled up i am - because it is COLD! but the thing
that i always go back to is our great group of friends. we
tend to drive each other nuts, tease each other daily, pull
pranks. we board the buffett bus each summer, we've
played beer pong in the 90's, danced at our weddings, watch
each others kids, have girls night and piss each other off,
but at the end of the day....we love each other, show
up and we are present.

for that i am thankful and blessed.


The Dream said...

friends - rockin' goodness! it's amazing how my friends and i love each other and roll on through tough stuff and terrific stuff. life is SO good!

Swirly said...

It sounds to me like you have the greatest blessing of all. :)

Jane said...

It's those true connections that we make that make this crazy ride worth the trip! Happy New Year :)