five really good things

canvas - january 2008

miz liz elayne is so good about being thankful and reminding
me that i need to take each day and count my blessings.
this week has been filled with many busy hours. i had
become so complacent the end of 2007. but i hit the door
running this month. and even though it has been a frenzy,
it has been a productive, self-fulfilling that is
my number one

1. month of january - self awareness

2. finishing "the accidental buddhist", it was so nice
sitting down each morning and reading for an hour.
breath in, breath out

3. six canvas waiting for a warm coat of varnish, three
blank ones waiting in the wings. each to be sent to the
nahcotta gallery for the enormous tiny artshow iii
[ paintings posted tomorrow - fingers crossed ]
4. finishing up two jobs, with several new ones coming
in - sweet surprises
5. getting rid of the little voice in the back of my head
that was saying.....are you good enough. i love putting
that voice out of its misery.

i bet you have 5 good things too, c'mon tell me.


liz elayne said...

love your list. can't wait to see the new art...

my five things tonight in this moment:
hearing millie snoring
drinking tea
knowing it is time for pjs
stopping by to visit you here before i head to bed
feeling happy and content

gkgirl said...

great 5 things
and thanks for coming by my blog!

liz certainly is a great
and such a l'il cutie...

this is my first time
to your blog,
but i will be sure to be back...
it looks very interesting!!

Katrina said...

5 things:

1. after 9 years, i'm engaged. wow!

2. just adopted a new pet and i'm in love already.

3. just admitted how much i adore cupcakes!

4.full of letterpress ideas and back in the studio. the sun came out.