mondo beyond part ii


in part two, andrea asks us to write out intentions for 2008.
twhat we'd want more of in our life, what we want to come
our way and our intent on bringing all of this into our lives

here are my intentions for 2008.....

....walk more use less gas. get a recycling station
for the house. not be so wasteful
....focus on my studio hours, put forth a better effort
to stick to those hours so that i can be present on
weekends evenings and holidays exercise, meditate and read more. sit down and
do creative projects that are fun but not necessary.
this will keep my creative juices flowing rather than
when i am on a deadline and it takes all the fun out of it.

to play more games with my kids, entertain more and
this summer sit out on our deck listening to some
great music and sipping a beer with my feet up. is what andrea says about the final piece of the

"After you list your intentions, let's do the list that is
truly Mondo Beyondo status. What are the things
you are wanting to manifest that are almost too
scary to even write down? The ones that elicit a
gremlin response of "You can't have that!" or "Who are
you to ask for that?" or "Fat chance. That will never
happen. You're not a good enough....(fill in the blank)"
Are you nervous? You should be. This list should be a
bit dangerous. It should make you feel a little shy and
excited.Butterflies abound." is my mondo beyond [holy crap!]

to find a gallery who is interested in hanging my work.
i will find this gallery all by myself, write up the show
guidelines, name it and sell it. [if this is what you have
to do to get it]

to sell more on my website, bringing in new items
on a regular basis, not feeling afraid that it won't
sell or other wont like - because they will like it.

we will take a vacation with out 17 others, someplace
warm and sunny and sand and palm trees

to keep my little clean and organized, so that next year
and tax season i am not scrambling and wanting to cry.

i will learn to meditate so that i can be the person i
know that i am .....peaceful, kind and caring. i will
give up anger and resentment - regardless of what
others think of this. allowing myself to feel content
and not buying into what those around me think makes
us happy - because it doesn't make me happy.

i will buy a old schwinn to toodled around this itty bitty
town and it will have a basket and a bell....because i
have always wanted one and i have never allowed
myself to buy one because bryce thinks it is silly and
would be embarrassed - but that is his dark cloud
not mine.

peace ya'll


Michelle (a.k.a. la vie en rose) said...

may it all manifest for you this year!

ps--i've always wanted a little bike (with a basket) too...i can see myself biking around the neighborhood with my camera...and maybe a journal and pen so i can take little poetry writing breaks.

Marilyn said...

Oh, honey, get on Craigslist NOW and get that bike! I bought my vintage Schwinn off Craigslist 2-1/2 years ago...don't have a bell (but haven't wanted one)...and the baskets are metal...but they're fine by me. That bike gave parts of me new life! Go get yourself one! xoxo

Katrina said...

i love this! i agree on so many fronts about creativity and meditation and just "jumping in the river" as they say and i suppose that river is art/ connection? anyhow, i have a super fun blue cruiser bike and i love it completely and wanted to cheer you on to your lovely old schwinn!

The Dream said...

Rockin' list!
Meditation - word!
Find a gallery to show my work - word! Your work is amazing - truly. Selling, for me, comes in spurts. Doing commissioned pieces comes in spurts (big for me at the moment). I decided some time ago to not worry if someone doesn't like something I have created. Hell, sometimes I may not be in love with something I have created. And you know what's weird ... some of the things I thought would NEVER sell, sold before the things I was thoroughly convinced would - go figure! Has that ever happened to you?

MadFlyTom said...

Let me know if the old Schwinn needs any parts. I have a box in my garage from when I converted an old Schwinn 10 speed to a single speed'r. I left that baby on the corner for some lucky kid to find when I moved this last time!

Anyway, good luck finding one, and Craig's List is the best place to find a good deal...just don't hesitate on calling'd be surprised at how fast an old bike that works moves off the 'list.

Colorsonmymind said...

Yahoo. I too want an old bike with a basket and a bell. Unfortunately we don't have anywhere to ride without packing it in the car. Suburbia on a windy road with no sidewalk=no bike fun:(

Do you think it is too late to write my mondo beyondo?