beautiful girl

art altar
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the first song i heard this am
as i sat here opening up my
blog was jonatha's "beautiful

i don't think of myself as a beautiful
girl, but hearing her lusty voice
sing those words, i felt beautiful
the corners of my mouth lifted
in a smile. i am sitting here
sweating from my cardio, crappy
workout clothes, a bit of bedhead
and i feel pretty cute, but not just
that - i feel good about me. i have
found so many creative souls who
surround me with support, kindness
and love. and today, for that, i am
happy, blessed.

here are my five happy things.....

1. purging the studio
2. the creative, nuturing souls who
each day, call, email - keeping me
lifted and on track
3. seeing each of you on your jouney
flitting through life - smiling and singing
4. my message in the phone from a one
miss jen gray - i am never erasing this.
i have one from swirly, 2 years old - can't
erase it!
5. empty canvas waiting for some color.

todays wish for each of you....color beyond
your wildest expectations.


Tracey said...

So beautiful are you inside and out, seam to seam.
Nice art alter!

Liz said...

ok, I was gonna say something really meaningful and, you know, heartfelt, and then your player started going, and all I can think/say is wtf, you are listening to Rush! :)

melissa said...

you are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

girl beautiful.

Beth said...

you are beautiful !!!
and um, yes, that message from Jen...TOTALLY SAVE IT !!!

I talked to her the other night on the phone and she made me feel like a rock star !!!!

and speaking of jonatha...did you know that I have tickets to go see her here in madison in december???

now won't be like squam where I got to stand right next to her...BUT, hey, at least I get to hear her again !!!

oh yeah...and did you hear me, you are beautiful !!!

Kirsten Michelle said...

oh my goodness girl, you are a radiant beauty.
shine. shine. shine.