a cornucopia *[indie fixx giveaway]

goodies galore #1

if you love a good giveaway, and we all do,
head over to indiefixx and check out the
indie fixx autumn cornucopia giveaway
sweet baby jesus - there are so many goods
to look at and drool over. jenn was sweet
enough to include two of my prints, so thank
you for that jenn. this happy girl truly
appreciates it!

goodies galore #2

so here is the plan. i am going to tell you what i
dig in the giveaway, you run over and post a
comment or you can even tell your thoughts on
your blog, you know give a little shout out to
indie fixx, like i have an then hop on over and
let jenn know. but first, head over and read
through all the fluff and stuff to make sure
you fully understand how to play.

contest ends november 14th. so hurry up,
go on now - get over there and play!

[oops, almost forgot! here is what i am
-jewels karalee designs
-jenny hart's sublime stitching
-funky journal from ex libris anonymous
oh, hell - i dig it all.]

go on - get!


Katie said...

I posted about this giveaway too!

leaca said...

I am headed that way. Thanks for sharing.

Sarah said...

DROOL! :) What a fun contest!

cathy nichols said...

Your prints are beautiful. Thank you for introducing them to me via my blog! I love the mixed media feel of them -- they add so much color to the wall.