self portrait challenge mirror:1

quiet. canon rebel. october 7, 08

quiet girl
i would liken you
to a night without stars
were it not for your eyes.
i would liken you
to a sleep withou dreams
were it not for your songs.
~langston hughes.
looking for a specific reflections....look here.


rubberbandgirl said...

I like the positioning of everything makes me forget there is a camera in the shot.
It's a great portrait.

My Inspired Heart said...

really great it! And you have some super cute hair, too!

PSUMommy said...

Fabulous shot! I love the expression on your face.

Also- LOVE your music selections. I don't think I'd ever heard DMB's version of In My Life; I think that's one of my favorite Beatle's songs!

gkgirl said...


your hair is adorable!
{is that shallow of me}

love this portrait...
very cute..

leaca said...

OK I have to say I absolutely love your hair. I wished I could do that one. Gorgeous.

Then I wanted to add that I love that you are cool Canon chick, just like me. I may be a wanna be though. =)

kristen said...

hi beautiful. yay you figured it out.

SecretAgentMama said...

Yea, I love your hair, too!! & your necklace!!

Great shot.. :D

Heather, said...

I remember gawking at you at Squam and thinking you are such a beautiful gal and here you are again and I'm thinking the same thing! Great shot, great hair (yeah, yeah, have you heard THAT enough yet? *smile* well, it's true)

Melissa said...

I am also liking your cool hair!


Sarah said...

Ah, yes. Isn't it nice to feel quiet inside sometimes?

This is a beautiful shot of you!

And I love this Langston Hughes poem you chose...

jenica said...

beautiful you rocking it on spc. so glad you decided to participate! can't wait to see more of you. ;-D (hardy-de-har-har)


Tracey said...

I like your pensive expression. Very nice shot. Where's the pink streaks?

Susan Tuttle said...

Lovely! -- I know who made that necklace...her designs are so juicy!


Jane said...

I love it!!

Rachel said...

Ah, Langston Hughes. I haven't read him in years. Thanks for the refresher. Your hair cut is super duper cute.

misty said...

beautiful portrait.
love your tunes here, too!

anessa said...

Cute haircut! Seems to be a hit with all of us~
Have a great weekend.
: )

Kirsten Michelle said...

hello beautiful girl ;-)

Jennifer said...

I love this photo...your eyes speak volumes! Beautiful!