thursday *[bless my soul]

hey notes on etsy!

so many things going on here in middle earth.
new cards finally on etsy.
big day on sunday
two eve's of happy with miss c
finally getting some work done, amen.
two holiday shows coming up
laughing through emails with the girls.


emily said...

love the new notes on fun. so you!

leaca said...

cute notes.

Jane said...

love the cards!

Jamie said...

Hey stranger! Hope all is well where you are...too bad we can't all get together this weekend and share a beer or ten.

Miss you!

jess gonacha said...

ooh, i love the cards, kelly! are you going to fill your shop with them? you should! along with your paintings, of course. :)

susan said...

new notes are WONDERFUL! love them. and of course the ones i just received today. THANKS!!!!

Katrina said...

these cards look fantastic! i'm just catching up w/ your blog and work. such good things happening over here in your wonderful world. cheers to you...