friday *[bless my soul}

go buy a pack of bubble yum, chew through the sugary
grit and blow the biggest bubbles you can.

cmon' i double dog dare ya. its fun!

happy friday.



Kirsten Michelle said...

you're too cute ;-)

happy friday to you!

Tracey said...

Double dog dare me? You got it! I'm watermelon hubba bubba bound, sis.

Sarah said...

Ooo! :) This is an excellent idea! And I'm loving Tracey's nod to the watermelon hubba bubba. Well done! Think I'm headed for the bazooka joe, myself, though; it goes hard in an instant, but the first bubble is always awesome, and I'm a sucker for the jokes.

Beth said...

you just know how to have too much fun !!!!

Heidi said...

i do this sometimes! except my gum of choice is big league chew--a throwback to my childhood.:)

Amy said...

Okay, so this might be weird since we only met each other briefly at Squam and all, but I had to tell you that I had a dream about you last night and it was hilarious because it took me so long to figure out who you were (in the dream). I didn't recognize you because you had really long "jessica simpson" Texas high hair. I kept staring at you wondering where I knew you from, and then it hit me! Kelly Barton, but how did she grow her hair so fast, and why? I love it short! Weird, right? But I had to share b/c it made me laugh when I woke up. Keep blowin' those bubbles!

susan said...

oooh i love to do this .... the sugar kills my teeth but the bubbles make it so worth the while.