mister j....the belly rebel
many comments on my playlist and some questions.
intrigued? here are a few answers.....
momma don't let you sons grow up to be cowboys.
*urban cowboy came out my freshman year of high
school. i was dating 6pack abs, all state football,
wayne who is now a "joe 6-pack" still as cute as
he always was, but very different paths. he embarrassed
me so damn bad at that movie. karen and i totally
snubbed our dates, but fell in love with the movie.
needless to say waylon jennings was soon a fixture
at our swim practices. when you do nothing but
swim yards - you have to have something to
make yourself happy and prunie fingers get old.
limelight - rush
yes, i know. but seriously - i loved this group
and it wasn't because my boyfriend did. he
loved lynard skynard - remember, "joe 6-pack"
enough said.

and liz - i love his voice...wink

fat bottom girls - queen
are you kidding me???? you have to ask.

for the love of cheese it's freddy mercury!
and if you want to become a runner, but
don't know where to start - put this on
the ipod and just go.

in my life - dmb [beatles]

because i walked down the aisle to this one.

beautiful girl - jonatha brooke
daily reminder.

and because i love to dance in the studio....
say hey - michael franti

cmon eileen -
send me on my way - rusted root
i'm yours - jason mraz

and these just because of i am me....
beloved one - ben harper

redemption song - bob marley
love - john lennon
taxi - harry chapin
bartender - dmb

happy tuesday....


Liz said...

ok baby, just have to say, I get it all, the whole darn playlist, except and I have to say except for Getty's voice, now WHAT on earth could the draw be to that voice... ;-)

Amy said...

you are just too fun! I love your blog, your playlist, the reasons for your playlist....basically everything!

Aleece said...

Send Me On My Way is one of my favorite happy-go-lucky songs!

Susan Tuttle said...

I also love "send me on my way"! -- especially the penny whistle part!

To answer your question -- I live in Maine.


melissa said...

love your playlist. can you not love anything by them?!

Sarah said...

The belly in that photo needs a zerbert! :)

susan said...

hey girley,
your playlist rocks. er... ok, i have to say getty doesn't do it for me, but one after another here is just so darn great. and i love your comment about queen. tee hee!
p.s. i sang in my life at my sisters wedding. what a great great song.