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the rock star christine of sparkletopia, interviewed little
old me. if you haven't visited this inspiring site,
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"the redhead" - #7 eta iii

8x8 gallery wrapped canvas
original mixed media
number seven of the eta iii show
big box going out today.
last four pieces are now here too....


are you ready?

ready....enormous tiny artshow iii

six pieces sitting waiting to be mailed out for their cross
country journey to portsmouth, nh. hoping to finish the
last three today.

if you would like to see her two sisters and others
you can check them out here.

peace ya'll


five really good things

canvas - january 2008

miz liz elayne is so good about being thankful and reminding
me that i need to take each day and count my blessings.
this week has been filled with many busy hours. i had
become so complacent the end of 2007. but i hit the door
running this month. and even though it has been a frenzy,
it has been a productive, self-fulfilling that is
my number one

1. month of january - self awareness

2. finishing "the accidental buddhist", it was so nice
sitting down each morning and reading for an hour.
breath in, breath out

3. six canvas waiting for a warm coat of varnish, three
blank ones waiting in the wings. each to be sent to the
nahcotta gallery for the enormous tiny artshow iii
[ paintings posted tomorrow - fingers crossed ]
4. finishing up two jobs, with several new ones coming
in - sweet surprises
5. getting rid of the little voice in the back of my head
that was saying.....are you good enough. i love putting
that voice out of its misery.

i bet you have 5 good things too, c'mon tell me.


enormous tiny artshow iii

hot damn!!!! i am so excited about this. here is the
enormous tiny art show
iii postcard. just read those
names...i am drooling! and too see that i am sitting
next to
rachel austin, and to get to be part of a show
that includes these chickies; c
hristine, m
arisa, mati and
enelope. I am one lucky girl. one lucky girl who is
way behind.....hmmmm wonder if i am the only one????
one lucky girl who is so happy that i was invited
and one lucky girl who is counting her blessings and
having fun with all of this. you can look at the artists
and the work here.



moving on is what is going on in my neck of the woods

-working on several jobs
-getting my enormous tiny pieces together.
[of course, i am running behind!]
-spent saturday at the pool
-working on my studio only hours
-filling in my new momAgenda daily planner, this thing rocks!
-selling purses for caroline
-blonde is now my color [again]

-reading everyday....what a nice break
-catching up on many much going on!
-finished an interview - coming soon.
-sketching on tracing paper [my favorite]
-digging sparkletopia...christine is a rockstar!
-just discover these poochcollars, this girl and
this new blog

what's going on in your neck of the woods.


mondo beyond part ii


in part two, andrea asks us to write out intentions for 2008.
twhat we'd want more of in our life, what we want to come
our way and our intent on bringing all of this into our lives

here are my intentions for 2008.....

....walk more use less gas. get a recycling station
for the house. not be so wasteful
....focus on my studio hours, put forth a better effort
to stick to those hours so that i can be present on
weekends evenings and holidays exercise, meditate and read more. sit down and
do creative projects that are fun but not necessary.
this will keep my creative juices flowing rather than
when i am on a deadline and it takes all the fun out of it.

to play more games with my kids, entertain more and
this summer sit out on our deck listening to some
great music and sipping a beer with my feet up. is what andrea says about the final piece of the

"After you list your intentions, let's do the list that is
truly Mondo Beyondo status. What are the things
you are wanting to manifest that are almost too
scary to even write down? The ones that elicit a
gremlin response of "You can't have that!" or "Who are
you to ask for that?" or "Fat chance. That will never
happen. You're not a good enough....(fill in the blank)"
Are you nervous? You should be. This list should be a
bit dangerous. It should make you feel a little shy and
excited.Butterflies abound." is my mondo beyond [holy crap!]

to find a gallery who is interested in hanging my work.
i will find this gallery all by myself, write up the show
guidelines, name it and sell it. [if this is what you have
to do to get it]

to sell more on my website, bringing in new items
on a regular basis, not feeling afraid that it won't
sell or other wont like - because they will like it.

we will take a vacation with out 17 others, someplace
warm and sunny and sand and palm trees

to keep my little clean and organized, so that next year
and tax season i am not scrambling and wanting to cry.

i will learn to meditate so that i can be the person i
know that i am .....peaceful, kind and caring. i will
give up anger and resentment - regardless of what
others think of this. allowing myself to feel content
and not buying into what those around me think makes
us happy - because it doesn't make me happy.

i will buy a old schwinn to toodled around this itty bitty
town and it will have a basket and a bell....because i
have always wanted one and i have never allowed
myself to buy one because bryce thinks it is silly and
would be embarrassed - but that is his dark cloud
not mine.

peace ya'll


mondo beyondo

"i shall not" ....december 2007

love wide #2
4ft x 4ft canvas
mixed media
acrylics, paper and silver leaf.
text...."i shall not walk alone" ben harper

this is the first year for me to participate in MONDO BEYONDO
superhero andrea scher posted this on her site. it is a ritual

that allows you to start fresh, move forward and find peace
with what came before....paraphrasing there! i don't know
about you-but i am happy to give it a try. lord knows i need
to try. so here goes....feel free to leave yours here or on
your own blog.

1. what do you want to acknowledge yourself for in
regard to 2007? many things happen with each year bringing joy
and pain. i didn't
get a job that would have made a huge
difference in our family's income,
my kids cost of education
and one large opportunity for me as a designer.
I hate
interviews, hate the process - but i did it. I am proud that i
did it
I made it to the final rounds and when i didn't get it, i
was devastated. i was bummed out. but, i didn't get it and
because i didn't get the
job.....i got to paint more. i made it
through two series, the girl and h.o.m.e. in october i was
selected to be part of our local art show which
is juried and
a regional show. november i had my first solo showing...i
proud of those steps i took to continue to put myself out there.

our family grew closer and i have watched my kids grow and
work hard
at school....i am proud that my kids love me, that
even after hairy days
they hug me and say "goodnite mom"

i am SO proud that i made it through another year of freelancing
my little company indigosoul and mostly that even on days
of doubt,
i continue to paint my little creations - they make me
smile inside and out.

oh and the highlight of my year was sitting next to miss cand
listening to the words of the dalai lama....namaste

2. what is there to grieve about 2007

I forgive myself for not getting that design job. i forgive myself
for not bringing in more income and allowing myself to sit in front
of the computer and surf art sites rather than going out for a walk
or doing pilates. and
because i didn't exercise - i have to let go
of the fact that i made myself
even chubbier. i hate that i am the
heaviest i have ever been - so i say
to hell with the weight, i am
going to let it go so that i don't cry when i
stand in front of the
mirror and i am on my 4th old outfit and it doesn't'
even fit! and
mostly i forgive myself for allowing a specific someone to
put their
lack of responsibility on me. to feel bad because they don't
they should have to help, unless it is on their terms. i forgive myself

for allowing this negative force to suck my energy to so many low

3. what else do you need to say about the year to
declare it complete?

the year was like any other....high and low, but it just slides into
the next.
i learned what i will take with me and what i will change
and that through
it all, what matters most are those i cherish who
are sleeping soundly as
i type this and another one who is, i am
sure, up and studying south of here.

self challenge, create, peace and forgiveness are my 2008.

oh and when you are done with this one she has part ii posted too!

mondo beyond part ii: where are you going? [thanks andrea]



december 30, 2007 - babs, pinto and mandy pepperidge

celebrating a friends 50th birthday.
[friend who is 50 - not in the picture]

some days i moan and groan about living here in middle indiana.
see how bundled up i am - because it is COLD! but the thing
that i always go back to is our great group of friends. we
tend to drive each other nuts, tease each other daily, pull
pranks. we board the buffett bus each summer, we've
played beer pong in the 90's, danced at our weddings, watch
each others kids, have girls night and piss each other off,
but at the end of the day....we love each other, show
up and we are present.

for that i am thankful and blessed.


what i know

......2008 - may you shine brite on the camp.

i have done nothing but spin in my thoughts the past few

months. i have asked too many whys and have had too
many regrets and seem to continually stifle my path because

of old fear. i have done this my whole life. taught this way
of thinking at a young age. as hard as i try to get rid of it, some
days it is still on my heels.

what i know is....

eventhough some days it doesn't feel like ihave made progress - i have.

happyness and success isn't followed up with green

a simple balanced life is what i must work towards.

i can't continue to sabotage my success and growth

i am worthy of my dreams, whatever they may be

i have to take a deep breath and clear my head

my art makes people happy

my art is me

what i perceive as others success and greatness, isn't
always wrapped neatly in a tidy little box with a pink bow

what i know is.....that i have to take care of myself

mind, body, spirit and creative self

what i know is.....last year is simply, last year.
now i must focus on what i am going to do about

what i know is.....i can do this.