purge -purj- vt. purged, purging -purus,
clean +agere, do- 1
to cleanse of impurities,etc.
to cleanse of sin 3 to rid -a nation, party, etc.
- of -individuals held to be disloyal- 4 to empty
-the bowels- -n. 1 a purging 2 that which
purges, eps., a cathartic - purg'er

black trash bags full of - well a bunch of trash!
not to mention 2 bags for goodwill. the 2.50 spent
on orange trash stickers is well worth the investment.

one whole weekend spent purging the house. my
throat is sore from the inhaling of all the dust
bunnys forming around every nook and cranny. but
damn the house is clean and tidy. and by ridding
my house of clutter - i feel alive - alive i say!

my family is famous for passing on crap. my parents
come to the door with grocery bags full of it - simply
stating, "we thought the kids might like this" - like
what? the 10 bags of old varsity football practice
gear that is 5x sizes too big. or perhaps the stale
triscuits begging for a slice of moldy cheese. or my
brother-in-laws 4" binders full of old glaxo welcome verbage,
all the glaxo bags full of convention freebies - hey frank.
Just throw the shit out, we don't want your
junk. - wow that felt good.

so one room left - the studio. 3 hours should be
enough to straighten up, put away and maybe
even sit a spell and crochet. amazing how
happy it made me just to move the dogs food
and snacks to a new nook in the kitchen.

a blessed sunday...


Marilyn said...

I spent the recent holiday weekend helping my mother purge...but when a person owns more stuff than most people can imagine, even an overflowing dumpster plus three pickups full taken to the dump can feel like one's making only a small dent. It's no wonder I never keep anything... Purging is GOOD! (And great feng shui, too.) :)

Heather said...

What a fun day. I love rearranging and cleaning.

la vie en rose said...

purge away girl! don't you feel lighter now? i love a good's good for the soul.

Server Girl said...

so funny! My ex's mom used to come over and bring us all the "free" stuff she would get at fairs and such, pencils..stressballs, rulers..those flat round mats that u open tough bottles with...just a load of i had to laugh at your parents for doing the same. Id does make u feel good to clean and get it over with. I have 3 days off this week, so maybe i attempt the same :)

penelope said...

We must be on the same wavelength. I just donated 6 trashbags full of clothes to AmVets. :) Feels good, doesn't it?!