need to create

so my best friend whimpered
and whined at lunch today informing
me that i needed to add something
to my blog. and since i needed to
create [and she is in control of the
whole damn world...hee], i got out
my color markers
and went to town
in the old moleskine.
too much fun.
i think i could doodle
all the long day.

i also want to add that tom is a proud

new uncle of miss kasey....i am sure
he will have top notch photos on his
site soon. it is nice to see him so
happy about something, well other
than having lunch with me. i mean
really, i have such an endearing personality,
how could you not be happy when around
me. [quit laughing heather].

happy tuesday!


la vie en rose said...

awesome doodling...

i was wearing the tropical in my spt pic. it was so hard to break down and spend that much on a necklace but i finally decided i deserved i'm wanting another one...

thecrafty-girl said...

love, love, love the doodling!!! not only beautiful, but inspiring too... (and i'm with you on the doodling all day's incredibly relaxing!)
kelly :)