yesterday we had snow in indiana. i am not
a winter person, but it was very pretty.

nite our basketball team had their opening nite.
bryce really wanted me to go, so i went along
[he is the high school athletic director] one of
our students walked in with a huge megaphone
and in years past, this may have been okay.
but the students today don't seem to have any
boundaries and he of course was taunting the
opposing teams cheerleaders - so bryce had
to go sit with the students and ask him to
put the megaphone down. as we left the game
the student of course was confrontational and
bryce told him again that the megaphone won't
be in his gym. that boy was not going to back
down! so my feathers ruffled i told him i couldn't
believe how he acted and he was very disrespectful.
and then he stared me down and made a face like
you do to you mother when you are small. at the
time it really angered me. sitting here typing, i am
giggling. our admin tend to be very laxed with our
kids. they can't be disciplined. and i know i sound
very old when i say this, but i know what the result
would have been had i pulled that as a teen. needless
to say - i don't like what my husband does for a living.
he works very long hours making sure that things run
smoothly and the kids/coaches/fans are safe and taken
care of. it pains me to see how poorly he is treated.
most of the kids know that when i am around, don't step
out of line, i will call you out. but this kid doesn't know
me and i know had i continued the words, he was along
for the ride. so i did what any supportive wife would
do - i sat silent on the way home till bryce mentioned it
to the other coaches and then - i let her rip. so with all
my venting done - i send many blessing to the young
lad and his family...i really do!

seems it is thursday again and thankgiving.

here is my list...

cheri' is home . good friends . our health
good food today . my in-laws . our home

happy thanksgiving everyone....blessings galore


Heather said...

Happy thanksgiving. Pretty picture of the snow. It is bright and clear here, it's been beautiful, in the lower 70's everyday, I wish it would get cold suddenly and snow, that would be a wonderful treat.

la vie en rose said...

god bless all those dear souls working in our educational system...they need it and deserve it...

Marilyn said...

I work at a junior high and we have a great A.D...but I do know it's a job that's not necessarily appreciated the way it should be. I'm shocked at how some of the kids act these days...I wouldn't have had the NERVE! :)

Swirly said...

Good for you for standing up to that kid. What a wanker!