for heather

for heather
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so...i have been attempting some self portraits with my new rebel. hilarious!
i was laughing while telling heather [bf] about how stupid i looked in them and that i was going to have to take 60 just to get a decent shot. so of course she begged me [commanded]to post the bad ones. there is no way in hell i would do that [dig the insecurities] so here you bossy butt - sorry when kelly holds the camera she gets to choose. you aren't the boss of me! -bottom left notice i am using the hands to pull back on the dreaded double chin...hee


la vie en rose said...

no, they're not bad...i love 'em!

Tine said...

Hahah, I love it!! It's weird taking pics of oneself, isn't it? I always find it really strange, hahah! Yours look great though!
I looove that wall color!!! Yummy green ;-)

melanie said...

ooh, cute hair! i had mine short like that once upon time, loved it like that. yay for playtime with the rebel -- great pics except you look so darn serious! smile, girl :)