[without experience there is
little wisdom] -apocrypha
today i had to go beyond my comfort

zone. i am not a full of stuff kind
of girl. i am no nonsense girl. i
don't like putting on aires to get the
job. today i had sell myself. i am
up against 2 marketing firms...yes
little ole me. the designer girl. the
girl who loves to lose herself in
her studio. she could stay in here for
days - no communication with the
outside world. safely warm in her
environment. today she met/stumbled/
sold/educated. today she went beyond
her comfort zone.

i laughed as i drove to the coffee shop.
giggling to myself that i was putting myself
out there. it has been 8 months since i have
had a face to face business meeting. i didn't
have a lot of info to go on. so in kelly style-
i threw it all together and gave it a big stir.
on the drive home i reminded myself what i
should have said.....but it is done and tomorrow
it starts over...beyond my comfort zone.


la vie en rose said...

good for you. it's never easy but you did it anyway. bravo!

melanie said...

kudos to you for putting yourself out there! whatever the outcome, you still rock!

Shell said...

Good on you! Isn't it a great feeling after doing something brave? I hope you get the job!

Swirly said...

That sounds exciting. I have learned over and over again how much better it is when I am at least a wee bit UNcomfortable.