studio friday [secrets]

ohhhhh those dirty little secrets - this is what
i am keeping secret. and the secrets are two-fold...

1. my husband doesn't know about these purchases

(that's right tom, i have NOT told him about the
penelope yet)
2. i don't really want to share where i got them - i
like being the only one who knows about these
wonderful artists...

okay, i really do tell people about these great gals.
i send them to their websites, to the store on
mass. ave where you can buy a penelope. but
i love the fact that i have a great bunch of
sources where i can find something funky to
hang on my walls. i drool when someone says
where did you get that necklace [tine rocks]
or where did you get that artwork...oh that
came from california or an illustrator in indy.

i am just a simple girl...but oh it feels so good

sometimes to hear the uhs and ahs....thanks

happy friday!


Anonymous said...

wow, you've bought some gorgeous stuff here. Great!

la vie en rose said...

great links!

MadFlyTom said...

You are hiding the painting from him? HOW?!?!

That's funny!

Knit and Purl Grrl said...

Okay, now I have to go shopping... ;)

eloqui said...

Glad you divulged your lovely secrets! Thank you : )

Swirly said...

I am having a strange feeling of enjoyment knowing a piece of my artwork is CONTRABAND!! ;)

Heather said...

I am the SAME way!

penelope said...

Oh my are so sweet. ;)