about the girl

instagram 1.6.11

about the about a few things you may not know. cmon,
you know you wanna know.

.. my husband is 10 years younger than me. thats right, move over
demi moore. i was a cougar before cougar was cool.

.. i walk around in a blanket almost daily. i am cold everyday, yet
i live in middle indiana - where the sun seems to never shine through
the winter. many mornings you will find me out getting the mail, blankie
wrapped tightly and a bad case of bed head.

.. i have several major goals in my personal life, relocate to a warmer
land, buy a vintage camper and ford falcon and camp on the weekends.
bryce is not going along with this one. gee i will miss him.

.. i am an accomplished snacker. i can snack with the best up them. ready
for a throwdown? line me up some swedish fish and a beer, start the chant

.. i love fiercely, but if you hurt me - then i am hurt and tend to carry
that around for too long. but i am really working on this one, don't
worry the voodoo doll pins aren't for you.

..i use the word dang along with religious icons such as
the big guy, jesus or moses. and apparently i type just like i talk.
DANG you poor poor peeps are expected to follow all of it.

.. i have sat before the dalai lama, three times and i am blessed because
of this. he likes a good belly laugh like me. nothing like a silly man with smarts

.. i am sometimes referred to as a "pez" girl. i tend to throw my head back with
my mouth wide open when i laugh. i tend hit my head on walls. doors and chairs
doing so. holy moses...there is nothing like a good belly laugh.
***i have a partner
in crime, in all of this. i swear she laughs louder than me. you will find us many

days at little mexico causing a ruckus.

.. i love color - more the better. my dining room is pantone 021. my mom says
my house doesn't "flow"....sorry karen - it flows the kelly way.

.. i would be quite content traveling around our nation, setting up stakes
every couple of months, working in diners and just chatting with the locals.
if i ended up on a beach somewhere warm - i would buy a beach cottage
and live out the rest of my life.

.. if it is attached to a bobby pin, i will wear it in my hair. you know like
frida. yes, i love frida. i love the girls story as sad and dark as it is and i also
love that people crinkle their nose when i tell them that.

....i have recently discovered that my crazy blooms and faceless
girls are my style and i am just fine with that. i mean how many times does
someone have to tell you that it is true before you yell HELL YEAH and run with it.

yep....just a little about the girl.


danielle donaldson said...

big smile from a norcal girl. BIG, I tell ya.

BonnieRose said...

LOVED reading all this.. and hey I got u beat w/the cougar thing. I'm turning 49 this month and my hubby is turning 35 in June.. so there.. lol and I'm like u.. I wanna move down to south coastal GA on Tybee Island in a few years.. live by the ocean and have my studio and make art. I love the sea. xo loved reading more about you.. YOu are special. xo

Karen D said...

loved learning more about you.. I stumbled upon your blog after Squam and saw some friends were your friends and so on.
I am still looking for my style, waiting for it to hit me over the head.
And I get you on the color, my mom thinks my house is like a crayon box (could it be the New Grass Green color of my bedroom)
Anyway have a great night
Karen D (aka deldino)

kelly barton art + design said...

oh thank you girls....i am giggling over here. karen, my foyer is green grass! my kitchen is apple and asparagus with red and white composition tile floors. i am thinking of changing it up to a nice turq blue. thinking that would be swell with the floors.

Kolleen said...

oh how i love the girl.

i am all about those belly laughs and am hoping we have them together some time soon!!

i could absolutely positively be your sidekick traveling
around the nation, working in diners and chattin up the locals. (this is what i said i would have done in another life had i not been a mama and wife). (sometimes i hear it distantly calling my name!!)

and i think ANYTHING done the kelly way....well s&*t... how can it be wrong??!!


elizabeth said...

I love color too. The only thing that stops me is that I am in an apartment. Someday.

I love your belly laughs.

Jealous about the Dalai Lama! But not really. Mostly just happy someone I love got to see him. :)

melissa said...

Well I want to buy a vintage trailer too and I love your laugh and your girls...ah you know how much I love them. And dang girl...I love you too!

Anna-Marie Still said...

well DANG, girl...I always had a good vibe about ya, even though we've not met in person. Reading this confirms alot!

FYI- Dang is my most used word on facebook. And I adore your foyer, and I am always cold, and I just got a job waitressing in a diner for no other reason than the sheer pleasure of hangin' with the locals. I've pined over a old turquoise blue Ford pickup and dreamed of tossin' my artsupplies in the back and just headin' west with no particular destination in mind...blogged it here

I could go on and on, but well...I think you get the point.

tricia said...

i love your kelly style...have since the first day i saw you in manzanita. i think you're the coolest. i love color also. our house has rooms of sky blue, buttery yellow, purple, bright blue, and aqua...with a soon to be light green studio for me. i would travel the country with you and kolleen and we can end up by the sea together. you know we would have some belly laughs. LOVE you girl!

Sam said...

I just loooooove getting to know you more, Kelly B. I really do! Okay, yes on the snacking. Snacking is the best! What's life without good snacks? Also, thank you for introducing me to dear Stella Artois.

Your house sounds perfect to me. I want to have rooms full of color when we have a house! I especially love pumpkin dining rooms - so cozy and homey. Your house is your sanctuary, do what you want!

YES to the Frida love. I came to appreciate her after seeing the movie (loooove Julie Taymor) and have you read Barbara Kingsolver's latest, The Lacuna? Because Frida is in it. That's all I have to say about that.

stefanie renee said...

you are such a doll, i love this...I can relate to so many of these and man, would I just love to sit with a beer and some swedish fish and you sometime soon :)
much love sweets!

lova this LIST and YOU!

Lisa G said...

I lurve this post! It's so fun to hear more about you :) Thanks for sharing.

Also, will you post more pics of your house? It looks really comfy and cool!

kelly barton art + design said...

of course i will lisa!

Sasha said...

I always thought u were cool but after reading this ... Well ur a DANG colorful creative rock star!!! as for the laugh, I say go big or go home. Throw the head back, laugh loud and long and if I snort, it's a great day :)

Goodness and light, smiles, and all kinds of positive energy coming ur way - thanks for this post.

Marilyn said...

Kelly, i love this post. i'm still reading here, all these years later...even though i haven't commented in a long time. i had to laugh about the cougar and me both, sister. re the vintage camper and Ford Falcon...i'd love to have a teardrop and a Rambler. to think that when i was in high school my mom had a Rambler station wagon that she reupholstered to have floral seats and i used to embarrassed by it. what a teenage idiot. :)

Jennifer said...

i love this post. I will travel the nation with you and live in that vintage camper. We can always stop on the way and visit bryce ;)

I love that you are putting your words out there more often.


K8 said...

so awesome to get to know little pieces of you! I especially love this one :) "....i have recently discovered that my crazy blooms and faceless girls are my style and i am just fine with that. i mean how many times does someone have to tell you that it is true before you yell HELL YEAH and run with it."