good stuff

she wanders...coming to a canvas near you.

there are moments that pop into your day so quickly, without
any notice - that it is hard not to pick you jaw off the floor. today
you did that. you told me to allow you to get your words out with
out interruption. "aw shit" i am thinking as you begin. and then you
say it. you give me the gift that is so poignant and so free that i
just sit and listen. do you know how hard that is to do? to sit there
and own what is being given to you? i have found myself doing this
more. sealing my little red lips so that i can embrace what is being
sent my way.
to you who gave me this today . you who is rarely looked at as giving
out anything good . you who most look upon as not so nice. today, you
had my back. you looked out for me . you felt bad for what had been
directed my way. so i say, thank you for giving me that power, those
words. and most of all for showing me, that you are human, just like
the rest of us and through the crusty layers, you have a soft spot too.

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