a blue betty.

what am i up to you ask???? oh lots
over here in middle earth. right now, today i am
working on a few display and packing items. there
never really seems to be enough time in any day for
me. so today, when i got home from my p.t. early
morn - oh how i hate to get up that early - job, i swore
i would fight off any signs of a nap and just get some
stuff done in the studio. as many of you know
kelly + focus = good luck. but today i am bound
and determined to get some quality work done
in an high quantity volume. whew. so far so good.

i have ordered new packaging items for my baubles
and prints, repainting a dress form for display and
photography needs and will soon be printing some new
fun labels for packaging and mailing. later i will hopefully
make a dent in a website i need to finish up.

there is so much that i need to work on in january.
things i want to accomplish

1. submit to several arts and craft mags
2. finish up my website, with the help of the little bird
behind the curtain
3. re-photograph most of my baubles [this week]
4. finish up 5-6 paintings
5. continue to renovate the studio.
6. finish sketches for a special order original [this week]
7. work on some class descriptions and bio works
8. taxes [next two weeks] naps here! so if you see that i am slowing, please
send me a nudge. i might just be resting my eyes.

on a side note, i want to send out a big thanks to each of you who have
been stopping by recently. comments or no comments, i feel the support
and kindness everyday and lately, it has been such a nice reminder of why
i do what i do.
there will be a special giveaway coming up soon and some shop fun. so
please stay tuned! you know that the month of red is coming soon!



BonnieRose said...

You are on your way... Hooooray!
I can't wait to see all the newness.
You are a rock star.

Karen D said...

wishing you much success.. maybe you can sneak in a nap or two ;-)

melissa said...

all of this brings a HUGE SMILE to my face! xoxo

Patrice said...

Busy, busy, busy!

Karen Travels said...

Just found your blog through who knows it here!! Can't wait to read more!!

aimee said...

i remember the beautiful dress form you painted either last year or the year before for an art show... i don't even remember the name of it now, but your piece was unforgettable!

K8 said...

girl, you are making me tired! and I'm hoping a piece of you rubs off on me! :)