monday smiles

12.30.10 - me and bryce.

a little about the boy...

he runs marathons, works ridiculously long hours, asks for
very little in return, loves athletics, has legs of steel, loves
to dance to vanilla ice, asks me everyday how my day was,
has the tiniest butt, looks good in blue, rides a fierce roadbike,
looks up at me in the gym with a smile, is a papa to my three
kids and you would think they were his. rode ragbrai this summer,
is qualified for boston, does a wicked job of keeping us out
of debt, cooks and cleans - but sucks up the handyman stuff,
hates to go to movies - but loves summer concerts. rarely is
in a bad mood, yet deals with my mood everyday. lucky me.

we met when i was 32 and he was 22...he lied about his
age. somehow 13 years later we are still laughing at each
other while getting on each others nerves.

i kinda dig him.


BonnieRose said...

beautiful post!

SarahWT said...

He's a good egg. :) I love you two together!

Kolleen said...

oh how i dig this.

so much.

love that he dances to vanilla ice....that would have had me, for sure!!

but i think this is my most fav: "is a papa to my three kids and you would think they were his."

now good stuff.


ps. i kinda dig you!!

Liz said...

i kinda dig you too...and LOVE that B likes to dance to ice ice... you guys are too cute...

Jennifer said...

I totally dig this. you two are just so darn cute together.


bella said...

What a cutie!