i choose true. (a jenlee tee, moodswing and bellawish pendants)

early september it came to me. as each month passed and i
gathered with girlies on two coast, the words shared with me
continued to remind me that this was what i would hang on to.
a little token for myself.

of course, there will be days darkened by hurt feelings, stress
and feelings of not enough. but this is why i feel so strongly
about this word that plopped into my little lap in the fall.

i couldnt deal with a word last year, my head spun with too much
"stuff". so on that day when true radiated thru my crazy nutty
head. i grabbed it and ran.

..true... i believe its a pretty good one.


BonnieRose said...

truth, love and bravery.
You are a shining light.
xo love you

BonnieRose said...

Her t shirts are fabulous! Love them... just went to her site.. tfs!

catina jane said...

love this! that's good stuff! and btw i loves me some moodswing jewelry :)

stefanie renee said...

TRUE that ~ love it :)


Liz said...

your word is totally perfect for you... tho it is your word for the year, it also feels like to me that it's the word for who you are... x

elizabeth said...

a pretty good one indeed. love it.

Jen Lee said...

Love this shot. You wear these words well!