..workings of an orphan girl..

background prepped, sprayed and sketched

the faceless girl filled

shades . text . tattoo

a little ponder session

workings of an orphan girl..

trying to finish up several paintings. can't wait to finish
her up. this piece is another mini collaboration with my
girl danielle. she inspires me, pushes me and torments
me. but i kinda dig that.

what else am i working on you ask? well i have a new little series
of my girls. itty bittys with a new little twist. hoping to have those
ready for the shop soon.

off to finish her up.



BonnieRose said...

you inspire me.. you draw your girls with such ease.. I hvn't tried drawing ppl yet.. maybe that's something to try in 2011.. love you xo

aimee said...

you totally know how to work the color pink! just gorgeous!

Juliette Crane said...

love this! the colors are so divine! i can't wait to see how she turns out + your collaboration with danielle!


melissa said...

You are killin' it! Love her!

Lisa G said...

Ooooooo I'm in love with this one. Stunning!

Love all the blog posts lately :) Just love them.


Kelly Berkey said...

she is just so cool. so cool.

elizabeth said...

I might have a new favorite!

missie said...

she's beautiful. another fav.

Nina said...

You are growing, learning, moving, musing so rapidly and wonderfully. Love this and your new movement.

Kolleen said...

i totally am diggin her!!!

can't wait to hear the story of orphan girl.


Helen said...

I love this so much. The background is amazing. Looking forward to seeing it finished.

K8 said...

I can't get over this piece...she is so amazing!