..sunday soup..

ellie measuring cups.

today's sunday soup is brought to you by - some
happy musing. ones that i love and want to give
a little shout out to.

the curious girl.....i met lisa at squam. the first
year i watched her walking around and i was so
drawn to her. i really didn't get to know her until
this past year at squam by the sea. i adore her.
she makes sense and i like that. she also makes
a mean margarita. i mean, the only thing i remember
is lots of giggling, i mean a lot. please go say hello.
she's pretty cute.

catina jane.....she paints the most colorful paintings,
makes fun little necklaces. her little sailboats makes
me smile. her message is strong, as is her faith. you
gotta love a girl on a mission. i love stopping over
at her blog and today she shows up, tells her truth,
she is true and brave. she makes me smile

kolleen my heart-wingsister
we met at the unearth retreat. i drove up at her
cottage to pick them up and take them all back
to the main house. she said something very funny
and sassy and i knew we would be friends. she has
a way of making you feel at home. and her
i'm better for it series, pushes you to listen
and know that each of us have a story that matters.
she is also an artist who creates fun and sassy chicks.
she is my midwest connect, my sister.

sara of sarab jewelry. her metalsmithing is amazing.
her silver creations make me drool. i had seen her
work several years ago at the broadripple art fair.
the she magically appeared at my booth this year
at the earth house show. she is adorable and being
able to reconnect and share some stuff was the
very best medicine of the day. she is a hometown
girl, go say hello and check out her wares.

tricia....i have much to say about tricia. but will
keep much of it close to my heart. another unearth
sister. she is quite at first as is her sister judy. they
come as a pair and you can't help but get a kick out
of this dynamic duo. tricia makes handmade journals
they are full of paper and good stuff. i can't wait
to get mine in the post, but i have to send her my
old dr. seuss book that she is going to turn to magic
first. yes, i am kinda slow. but my scarf sisters know
this and are so sweet embracing my nutty self.

jennifer....i don't even know where to start with this
chickadee. she is my poet pal. she is kind, sweet
and wants for nothing but a loving world full of
good stuff. i mean really don't we all. i go to her
spot to find balance, to breath deep and to smile.
she sends me little texts to let me know she is
thinking of me and they always seem to arrive
at the perfect moment. or rather when i am having
an imperfect moment and they make me smile.
she is such a nugget, and if it is raining you might
just see her out in the middle of the street with
her rainboots on, giggling.

check back next sunday for some more soup. cup spills over.


curious girl (lisa) said...

le sigh, i love you.

Karen D said...

lots of good ingredients in this loving creative soup, thanks for sharing the "recipe!"


tricia said...

i hope you know how much i love you. ♥

Kolleen said...


loving this soup SO much...and
loving you SO much.

i feel honored to be a part of this group of amazing souls.

my cup is spilling over into yours.


bella said...

love your soup! love it..

The Bumpy Life said...

YUMMMMMM! Soup! Good, good stuff.
You're a doll. You know that right? I love how you support and cheer on those who have touched your heart.


Jennifer said...

miss K I adore you. I think I am the Jennifer you speak of. Feeling so honored to be a part of this. My insides are feeling full with love today. Thank you beautiful for being a part of that.

catina jane said...

You are made of magic lady!!! This love letter means the world to me my new friend. I think your pretty groovy!!! Can't wait to check out the links fir the other ladies. Woohooooo!!!

Carissa said...

ellie measuring cups?! where-ever-do-you find such a thing? those are adorable!!!

what a fantastic group of soupers!

YOU are fantastic too!!! i've been drooling over your artwork. i love the girl w/ a stella label (on etsy.) your creations are beautiful!


sara b. said...

your soup filled my heart with all sorts of warm happiness! i love your writing sooo so much. you bring a lot of joy into your readers' days. i smile and get the goosebumps at your thoughtful posts. i am so very happy that we have connected! i am hoping to be hanging out with you for a few special days in May :)

thank you so much for making me an ingredient in your soup of talented and creative friends. it means the world to me. you don't even know...

K8 said...

you know what? you are just the most supportive person I know! always lifting everyone up & highlighting all your peeps - treasureys and's awesome!