your story....join it here.

your morning view

your comfort and community

your story....

...know all those kartwheels i keep talking about. well i have done
so many - celebrating this little nugget - that i am dizzy. how do
i feel aboutbeing a mentor at this june's "Your Story" retreat,
you ask?

excited . happy . blessed .

now for the big stuff....

your story
june 15-19
gearhart, oregon

registration begins - wednesday january, 19th.

for all the low down on the location, info and mentors. hop on over
to the be present page and check it all out. oh how i would love
seeing you there.



marilyn said...

Can you pull some strings? Jus kidding girlie girl, but I do got stories.
Thinking about you and grinning (when I am not blowing my g.d. Nose). And sending a hug of all hugs
Love yer.

Jennifer said...

seriously...this is just so cool!

kelly barton art + design said...

i am pretty excited about it!

K8 said...

oh if only I was a millionaire... :)