good stuff coming your way soon.

another bit of goodness going on over here. hopefully
in the next couple of weeks, i - meaning the mad web
programmer behind the curtain - will have the up and
ready. i am doing kartwheels over all the fun things going
on. retreats, new girls, baubles and now my website.

thinking that january is gonna be a good month...a bit
busy, but good none the less. time for me to put the
boots on and get started.

thank you to each of you who have stopped by and
said hello, sent me notes of cheer and held my hand.

my cup continues to spill. kinda dig that.



Jennifer said...

over here in NJ I am throwing snow up in the air in celebration! good things are blooming for you. I love that I get to be by your side and watch you soar through the sky. You area rockstar! I knew that when I first met you in New Hampshire.

kelly barton art + design said...

you my girl will always be by my side.
just like the chicks with the scooter and side car. yep.

Kolleen said...

word up!!!!

love it!!!

i second that smart chick throwing the snow up in the air!!

this is all just really. good. stuff.


Kelly Berkey said...

it's the year of the kelly's i tell ya! the year of the kellys...ok, i know, i'm weird, just roll with it.

i get an energy from seeing an artist like you grow and bloom and create beauty. it's a wonderful thing and if we keep plugging along, it will happen for us. you are getting the attention you deserve.

and i still wear my kelly barton tee all the time,!


BonnieRose said...

so so happy for you.
Good things are coming your way.
I feel it.
I feel it.
Climb the mountains.

Patrice said...

Can't wait to see it!

jenny said...

so exciting! I love your work and am excited to see good things happening for you.

The Bumpy Life said...

Kelly B!!!!! how exciting. good for you girl. Can't wait to see the website. you are awesome, your art is awesome and I don't doubt the retreats will be magical. I hope i can join in the fun.
my world is better for having you in it!

Swirly said...

You are a rock star.