artfoolishness no. 1

Danielle Donaldson and I, are up to it again. oh yes we are
let me explain...we met two years ago at Liz Lamoreux's
Unearth retreat. she mouthed off to me as i was coring what
seemed to be my 100th apple, sweating madly and a mad crap
in my left arm. that was nite one, but the third nite she had
me pinned up against the industrial fridge talking kids, graphic
design and holy moses - i think we may be long lost sisters.
danielle is one of those girls who the walk of her life pretty
much runs parallel to mine. so to follow suit with her description
of our friendship...she is the left to my right (brain), the lug to
my tire, the phthalo to my magenta, the salsa to my chip...i kick
her ass and she smacks me around a bit.

our first challange was a bunch of bitty mermaids last year
and dang that was fun. so in this hectic thing we call life, we
decided we need more creative fire in our life - so we are doing
another one. and with that the next challenge was
quote, a color, and object and a little musical inspiration.

quote: "i have been sustained throughout my life by three saving
graces - my family, my friends, and a faith in the power of
resilience and hope" ~elizabeth edwards

pink and include a heart(s)

pandora playlist: gillian welch radio

ready . set . go

what do you get when two creative, silly chicks paint on two
different lands - nothing but pure unadulterated fun! our own
styles shine and we fall in love with the others work. yep - i
say it is - what stephen covey calls - a win win.

and now a word from our sponsors...thats ME! danielle pushes
me hard and i love that. she cheers me from the side line and
i love having her over there with her pom-poms and spirt hands,
but she is one of my favorite artists and creatives. she runs a
land called wishbliss studios. there you will find her digital
scrapbook creations. they are fun, colorful sassy and full of kart
wheels. check them out!

psst....the story of orphan girl, will be told soon. i have to say.
she speaks deeply. her story up next and then she will find a
spot in my shop.



Lisa G said...

Um, hello amazingness! You two at work sounds like artistic heaven :) Oh, how I hope I find a creative sistership like you two have.

Love both of these paintings.Can't wait to hear the story of orphan girl.

Rock on, Kelly!

BonnieRose said...

we all need good ppl with us on our journey.. xo thks for such a beautiful post. xo

The Bumpy Life said...

WOW. WOW. WOW! These are stunning. wish i could see them in person. I love watching the friendship blossom between you two soul sisters. It is such awe-inspiring stuff. They way true friendship should be.

Love you Kelly B.

god damn I do.

patty said...

A perfect case of the whole (you 2 together) being more than the sum of the parts....who knew that that apple coring would such a defining moment and the beginning of so much wonderfulness??

liz elayne lamoreux said...

oh my goodness...such fantastic fun here.
yes yes yes!

Kolleen said...

LOVE it all....every last bit.

and that soul sister of mine Serena....well that's what I WAS GOING TO SAY....she took the words out of my mouth!

peace out.

K8 said...

you girls are so wicked! and I love the layout of your art & smiley faces!