..happy mail..

sprout bobs.

i have looked looked at sprouts bobbie pins for years. literally -
i am sure it has been over 4 years. i have never purchased any
because i have such baby fine hair i was worried that these bobs
would just slide out of my hair. they dont. i love them.

so imagine my happy surprise today when i found two bags in
the post. the biggest one was new packaging supplies from pretty
tape. as i opened the parcel, i giggled. the supplies were wrapped
up in what looked like a package of braunschweiger. i opened it
up to the cutest string and brite japanese masking tape. i can't
wait to use all this stuff! it is so happy and fun.

then i noticed that the other package was from a friend far away.
just appeared in that red post box. of course i was so excited to
see what was in there. when i opened it...out flowed fun paper
confetti and a postcard of the sea. and the cherry on top - sprout
bobs! yep. my very own pair. how on earth did she even know.

the fact that i got a gift today on the surface may seem like i am
only happy for the bob's. but the beauty of getting mail, not email,
not facebook messages - while those are always fun and nice. real
mail is a sign that someone is truly thinking of you. they spent time
to write a note, fill it with love and send it on to each of us.

i have been thinking about this a lot lately. i never send out christmas
cards anymore. i always plan on doing a fun new years card. that never
seems to evolve. so a few weeks ago i made the decision that i would,
each week send 3-4 cards and note to friends. so far i am sticking to it.
and i don't say that to spout off about what i am doing. i am simply
putting it out there, that i am working on something that is important
to me. to send a message to someone who needs a lift, or deserves a
thanks or maybe i just miss a bit and i was thinking about them.

so here is my whole point...yes yes, it takes me a tad bit i know.
snail mail deserves some promps. if you know of someone who
needs a little light send them some. we are living in a crazy busy
stressful world. and i know for a fact that opening the post and pulling
out a little unexpected bit of happy - really makes a day.

go on...i double dog dare ya.

***and thanks for the sprouts. i love them


Kelly Berkey said...

oh, they are as adorable as you are. getting little gifts in snail mail is the bomb-diggity. the best ever. thanks for reminding us that we need to take a bit more time to show our love these days.


BonnieRose said...

u are so wonderful.
I feel the same way.
Mail art and happy mail rock my world too.
It's why I started my own mail art swap.
Opening ones mailbox to find pretty things, just because.. well always make my day.. so much more than a fb msge or an email. It tells me I am valuable. xo

Nina said...

Sending out snail mail anonymously is gratifying as well for the sender and receiver. I have been trying to do this for about a year. The last month (during the holidays) I was too busy. Also no Christmas cards and no New Years card or letter. I usually write a funny story not the typical holiday letter at all. Maybe by July I will have time...Christmas in July - sounds like fun. Anyhoo thanks for the reminder - the cards are on my kitchen table waiting for me to fill out!

Lori said...

You are SO cute. Really. I need to get those pins pronto.

Kolleen said...

i want some pins too......DIGGIN them!!!

i couldn't agree with you more about snail
mail.....i get SO excited when i see a
handwritten envelope that i know isn't a bill
or solicitation of some sort.

i made myself the same try to send out 2-3 pieces of mail a week.....i'm up for the dare!!!!


elizabeth said...

I send mail too. I've done it for years and just love knowing that something happy will appear in someone's mailbox on a random day. This year, I decided to make sure that I do it weekly. I also write a monthly letter to my grandparents, which I started as a Christmas gift one year (a year of monthly letters) and kept up afterwards.

Yay for happy mail!

jenifer lake said...

the CUTEST!!! i love it :) hey i just saw you are teaching one of the be present retreats, any chance you are going to be at the joy one? i'm going to be attending the joy one...

love those bobbies on you!!

Stef said...

you are too cute for words I tell you ~ love love love! and especially love that I gave them to you and didn't even know you wanted them :) xoxoxo

Irma said...

saw your work in inner excavation, and love it!
will be adding you to my favorite blog list ;)
Have a great day!

Kim Carney said...

I love it. and taking the dare
You look beautiful as ever!