so this is christmas.....

a christmas altar

i am tired, my hands are sore from the cold
and the wrapping , white snow is falling
out the window. snuggled in for the eve, waiting
for the kids to come home. i have a love hate
party with christmas every year. i really wish we
could all soak up the message that these winter
holidays bring us. regardless of our faith, our beliefs
or world...the message is clear. and here is what
i love about it all. show compassion, extend kindness,
give love...even if it is a warm hug.

to each of you who touches my life i thank you.
for the love, the compassion, kindness and most
of all for letting me be my silly crazy emotional me.

my blessings are big i tell ya!

peace be with each of you and yours today.



SarahWT said...

Love you, Kelly - hope you and your family have a very merry Christmas! :)

Kim Carney said...

Hope you are having a great holiday!!!

Kelly Berkey said...

Merry Christmas sweet Kelly!! Here's to one fabulous New Year also! I think us Kelly's have big and exciting days ahead. OhYesIDo!

Jennifer said...

you my dear are a blessing in my life. sending you love...lots of love.