the sunday soup

sliced potato....around 8

saute approx. 2-3 of the potatos with some of
the leeks and onions

in another pan....saute leeks, onion add remaining
sliced potatoes and chicken stock

cook until soft, the do a rough mash, add heavy cream

add remaining potato mixture. i also added prosciutto and red pepper

serve it up hot with a slice of artisan bread...yum

before we heading out of manzanita we ate lunch at the bread & ocean
a couple of the girls got the potato soup with prosciutto. of course
i had a couple of bites and had wished that i had ordered the soup.
it had big chunks of potato that had been sauteed. it made the soup
extra thick and smokey. ever since i returned home i have been on
a quest to find this recipe. well i didn't, but i did find this one that
i converted to suit my needs. this is an easy, hearty soup. once
you get the potatoes moves so so fast. i followed the
recipe, except i sauteed some potatoes with a portion of the leeks
and onions, then added the prosciutto. once i mashed the potatoes
in the big pan, i added this mixture and the cream.

i love soup. i could eat it everyday for lunch and now that
there is snow here in indiana....time for soup.


tricia said...

YUM! I am going to try this one. I love soup too, it's my favorite thing to cook. I have several soups that I make on a regular basis. Thanks for sharing!

SarahWT said...

I need that soup!!

Juliette Crane said...

whoa! this soup looks amazing! we've been making a lot of soups too and i've been wanting to make some rustic bread from scratch too! yum!