good stuff.

some good stuff happening....

hoping to get my website moving. i have
a person to put it together, now i just have

to find the time to organize the files and send
them off. the holidays really put a wrench
in this.


going with this feeling that 2011 is going
to be a swell year. 2010 was to say the least
an emotional journey. i found that i was allowing
old wounds to fester and friendship of many years
steer my path. what i found is that i don't have
to own anyones juju but my own. with that comes
much introspection, some rather uncomfortable
days and constant reminders, that i am me, and
unless the other party is honest - there is nothing
i can do to change the mood. so i am working
on maintaining my mood and living the life i
believe to be mine. although i have to say, there
are days that sadness creeps back in, i miss some
of them, but i am no longer willing to jump thru
all those hoops like it is show time. i am me . i am
okay . i am enough.


several ideas i am mulling around to send
out for submission. this makes me so nervous.
what holds me up most?
1. fear of not doing it correctly and it being
sent back

2. time. there just never seems to be enough time


the studio is a wreck, yes - again a wreck.
the vintage suitcases with what is left
of 5 holidays shows litter the floor., found
papers, paints, bubble wrap. all covering the
ugly berber carpet. soon the deconstruction
will begin and hopefully with the help of
my hubby and kids - this space will soon be
what it is intended to be. new color on the
walls, no more carpet and a load of stuff i
don't, want - use - or need sent away.


christmas morning spent where it needed to be,
at home, with my kids, bryce my parents and the
pooches. this made me so so happy. holidays need
to settle down and be enjoyed. sometimes you have
to be a rebel to make that happen.

yep...i don't mind being the rebel.

some good stuff i think,


daisies said...

definitely some good stuff and i just know you are going to rock the submissions beautifully and so what if you do something incorrectly, its how we learn :-)

Kelly Berkey said...

Oh yes, you are going to rock 2011. I'm thinking it's the year of the Kellys. ohyesitis! xo

Liz said...

can I just say how much I love you and all your stuff - good, bad and beautiful... happy new year and here's to 2011 being as fabulous as we can imagine and create it to be xxoo

Lisa G said...

I can relate to the friendship thing.I did some cleaning up in my relationships, one in particular. It was hard, and I still feel sad that this friendship isn't a big part of my life anymore, but it was best for me.

Your studio is gonna be awesome. I'm excited for you.

Submissions. It's going to feel amazing to send them in and step back and realize you've faced that fear and you've pushed past it. Plus, your work is awesome and sure to be accepted at the right time.

Happy, happy new year. It's going to be a GREAT year!