looking for a little new.

on the eve of new. 12.31.10

after yesterdays post...this popped up in my inbox. gotta love
that universe. always keeping my ass in check. i realize that
whoever signs up on, gets the same message everyday
but isn't that the beautiful part....we each get that message and
from there we are all working on the same thing. magic.

kelly, soon the new year starts, so now's a great time to:

1. Wipe the slate clean.
2. Focus upon what you really want.
3. Chart your course.


Well... only if you want to risk having to repeat these steps for
the same wishes next year! Maybe this is splitting hairs, but
here's an adventurous alternative:

1. Give thanks that life is... just as it is (and that it's been... just
as it's been). Because of it, you're now "READY."

2. Define what you want in terms of the end result. Don't worry about
the hows, or even the course. KNOW that what you want is ALREADY
yours in spirit, by divine LAW, just focus on the certainty of this
ownership, understand it, claim it, and "it will be on earth, as it
is in heaven (spirit)."

3. LET THE UNIVERSE show you the way via your impulses and instincts
that appear as you take inspired action. Don't worry that your first steps
seem silly or futile. And if you don't know what to do, do anything! Go!
Get busy! Do not insist on intermediary successes, only upon the end result.

2011 is going to be your year (it already is),
The Universe

so with that - to each of you be safe tonight. and in the following days. a
quick thanks to each of you who send me the sun. 2011 is gonna be good.

*to our universe....lets add more peace, kindess,compassion and more
giggling to the mix. our world needs more of that, i know i do!

peace, ya'll


Cathy Bueti said...

Beautiful inspiring post Kelly! Wishing you a wonderful and happy new year!!

PS...Great photo! I love your short hair!! :)

BonnieRose said...

I loved this one.. so happy and thankful this day that we are on the journey together.. xo

patty said...

Loving this as well as your beautiful smile. I'm raising my virtual glass to you. Cheers, my friend - keep those thought comin!!!

Kolleen said...

word up my sistah!!!!!!

love all of this!!

and you!