the story desk

..the story desk..

this is my new little vintage desk i found at our trinity mission
thrift store. i paid $15 bucks for this beauty. and i put her in
my new little studio space. after i got her in place and went home.
i was on facebook late getting ready to head to bed, when i saw this
little note.......

so I get to the gallery and I check out the cool new girl in the spot
right next to mine and what do I see in the back of her studio but an
old shabby chic let me tell you the history of said desk...once
upon a time ...that very desk resided in a dumpster outside of my
apartment. Matthew my friend at the time rescued it as I told him I
would paint it. A year went by then Matt the friend became Matt the
husband and it resided in"our" garage for two more years. It was only a
couple weeks ago when Matt built some shelves for the garage that I
finally said "I don't think that I have time to paint that - I was going to
donate it to the gallery but I don't think it would go..." so he took it to
Trinity mission because at GoodWill they sometime ship the items out
of town and he wanted to keep his donations local. hahaha Unlike a bad
penny - the shabby chic desk looks divine in the cool new girls spot."

my new studio mate, nina had walked into our area and spotted the little
desk she just had her husband haul to the mission. seriously it was kismet.

i am still giggling.

don't you think athropology clearance drawer pulls will be sweet!

( and now a little plug for nina....nina smith cunningham has been one
of my artist idols since i saw one of her paintings in our fall art show. this
was over 4 years ago. i sat looking at the window thinking, someone who
i can relate to. over the years we have gotten to know each other a little
better, we have brainstormed a little and i am a great admirer of her art
and i adore her. and now, i get to share a studio space with her. she is
such a talent, i wish you could see her body of work, it is amazing)


BonnieRose said...

serendipity.... right there.. beautiful story.. xo

Lauren said...

Great desk, great story, and absolutely on the Anthro knobs!

Jennifer said...

oh my gosh ....number one ~ I love the desk. so awesome. number two ~ the story that goes with it, pure serendipity. how wonderful. i love when the world comes together like this.

SarahWT said...

I love this story! :) And I'm so excited for you - congrats on your new studio space!!

elizabeth said...

Serendipity! Now you not only have the desk, you have a wonderful story.

bella said...

what a beautiful story :) it makes me smile big. xo
ps... you are looking so happy!!

Juliette Crane said...

that's a fabulous story! been noticing serendipity more and more and love it every time!

K8 said...

that is the best story EVER!